More than 63 research and innovation proposals left Celac meeting

More than 63 research and innovation proposals left Celac meeting

More than 63 proposals for research, development and innovation came from the meeting of ministers, ministers and high authorities with competence in science and technology of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

This was reported by the sectoral vice president of Science, Technology, Education and Health of Venezuela, Gabriela Jiménez, who thanked all the delegations for their participation, contributions and contributions in the technical and scientific debate at the Celac meeting.

“We thank all the delegations present at the Celac 2023 Science and Technology meeting for their contributions and contributions in the technical and scientific debate.

With more than 63 research, development and innovation proposals, we think Science from Latin America and the Caribbean for the well-being of our peoples. Let’s go together for integration #Celac is the mechanism for this”, published the also Minister of Science and Technology on the social network.

In this meeting, seven Work tables they debated about sustainable food; scientific and technological study of communicable and non-communicable diseases; promotion of space activities; mitigation and adaptation of the Climate Crisis; digital transformation and artificial intelligence, science, technology and innovation for social inclusion and the exchange of knowledge and ancestral knowledge, reported a press release from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

They support the creation of a Research Center

The meeting that was held for two days in Caracas focused on promoting regional scientific activity and discussing possible solutions and responses to common problems.

Among the results, the coordination of interests to advance in the path of integration through science, technology and innovation was agreed.

Likewise, the proposal of the President of the RepublicNicolás Maduro, to create a Latin American and Caribbean Center for Applied Science and Technology Research for the 33 member countries of Celac was described as relevant by Cuba.

According to a review by the Prensa Latina news agency, the Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment of Cuba, Elba Rosa Pérez, referring to the Venezuelan proposal, said that it is a relevant initiative in the context of Celac, which will result in in multiple benefits for the Latin American and Caribbean peoples.

“You can count on our support and accompaniment in its creation and development, we welcome President Maduro’s proposal to create the Latin American and Caribbean Center for the Development of Science and Technology,” Pérez declared.

Celac meeting: significant step

For his part, the Foreign Minister of the Republic, Yván Gil, stated that the meeting was a good example and a significant step in the construction of an architecture of unity “as the only way to face the challenges of the future,” reported AVN.

Likewise, the representative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, Julio Carranza, highlighted the role of science in ensuring that there will be no complete solutions without the participation of scientific knowledge.

In this sense, he called for reinforcing the integration of scientific knowledge with practical problems in the region such as social inclusion and the climate crisis.

“Celac is made by the people! This instrument for multilateral negotiation, cooperation and political dialogue makes it possible to face the challenges of the current economic and social system. The construction of equitable development unites us”, published the Ministry of Science and Technology on its Twitter account.

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