More than 610 tons of garbage are collected from the beaches of Rio

More than 610 tons of garbage are collected from the beaches of Rio

The first weekend of strong sunshine in the city, with a temperature sensation above 50º Celsius (0°C) after a long period of mild temperatures and rain, attracted a crowd to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The Municipal Urban Cleaning Company (Comlurb), responsible for cleaning the 56 kilometers (km) of the capital’s waterfront, collected 610 tons of debris from the sand on the beaches, such as plastic containers, disposable cups, cigarette butts, beer bottles, among others. others.More than 610 tons of garbage are collected from the beaches of Rio

The amount is almost double what is collected on a typical summer weekend, around 350 tons. Since December, the company has been reinforcing the cleaning service with the Praia Limpa operation, carried out every year in the summer, with an increase in the number of street sweepers and more work shifts. In addition, the company increased the number of containers to encourage bathers to dispose of them correctly. On the beaches of the south zone of Rio, over a thousand pieces of equipment of this type were installed.

The contribution of regulars to maintaining the cleanliness of the beach is essential. For this reason, the company decided to reinforce, as of next Thursday (19), the awareness campaigns for Praia Limpa, with actions to guide bathers Arriving by Surprise, a group made up of street cleaners uses music and dance to teach about correct disposal. Educational actions will take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, until the end of summer, on the different beaches of the city.

The first activity, this Thursday, will be in Ipanema, at stations 9 and 10. On Friday’s holiday (20), destined for São Sebastião, the team will go to Arpoador. And, Saturday (21), the awareness campaign will take place on Leblon beach, at Postos 11 and 12.

pagoda on the beach

Comlurb fined the organizers of a clandestine party held this Sunday (15) at Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach, west of the city. The concert by Grupo Clareou, on the sand of the beach, resulted in a fine of R$ 140,928.80. Of this total, R$ 136,428.80 were invested by Comlurb based on the Urban Cleaning Law. The fine took into account the following aggravating factors: environmental damage, generated volume, lack of waste disposal, in addition to the affected area and landscape damage.

The total waste collected on a normal summer Sunday at Praia do Recreio is around 20 tons. This Sunday, with the promotion of this clandestine event, the total waste generated reached 88.4 tons.

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