More than 60% of Panamanians are overweight and obese

Angel Valdes | March 23, 2023

In this month of March, World Obesity Day is celebrated and Dr. Ileana Chiari-Shan explained on Radio Panama that it is very important to recognize that obesity is an issue that deserves attention and timely management so that children and young people can grow up healthy. and with a better chance of life.

“The important thing is to understand that we all have the responsibility to give our childhood and adolescence a healthy lifestyle, everyone should teach their children to eat a balanced diet, where they can eat from all food groups, a moderate diet in carbohydrates, in proteins and low in fats”, indicated Chiari-Shan

Regarding people being able to understand that obesity is a health problem and that the factors that could be against a person who wants to lose weight must be understood, Chiari-Shan stressed that educating on the subject is essential «The important thing is to be able to educate the population, to create awareness that obesity is not something aesthetic, that obesity is not related to eating less and moving more, but that it is a disease because there are associated biological, genetic, environmental factors that can make a person that you are making all the effort to lose weight, you did not achieve your goal »

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