More than 5 million Venezuelans chose their new street bosses

More than 5 million Venezuelans chose their new street bosses

The president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Nicolás Maduro, reported this Monday that more than 5 million Venezuelans participated in the election of street bosses, corresponding to the process of renewing the base structures of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. Venezuela (PSUV).

“5 million Venezuelans participated in the elections of the new street bosses,” Maduro said.

During a day of work with the Council of Vice Presidents and the Political Bureau of the Revolution, in the Aquiles Nazoa Cultural House, the highest representative of the PSUV explained that 245,000 street bosses were elected.

Likewise, he reported that results are yet to be defined in some territories, a process that will be completed during the week.

Maduro described these elections as “a historic process of genuine, participatory and leading democracy”, in which “the grassroots leadership, the man, the woman and the youth of the people” are elected.

On the other hand, he reiterated that the slogan is clear: “organize People’s Power better and better, unite the leadership of the people and join forces. Organize, unite and add, victory belongs to us”.

“Openly opposing neighbors approached in the street elections, and our leaders welcomed them. I welcome every neighbor, every neighbor who has been an opponent and I make the slogan my own. To add, add and add everyone! ”, He emphasized.

The president of the red awning recalled that this Saturday, August 27, in more than 46,000 communities their chiefs and chiefs will be elected and for the coming September 3, those of the Bolívar-Chávez Battle Units (UBCh). “We are building leadership, true democracy,” he stressed.

“We are building Comandante Chávez’s dream of consolidating a PSUV as a powerful social machinery, with a powerful leadership. This is something never seen before in Latin America and the Caribbean”, highlighted the PSUV president.

Maduro ordered a total war against individualism, self-centeredness and caudillismo. “Enough of the arrogance of some pseudo leaders (…) The more power we have, the more humility to listen to the people,” he instructed.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro led a meeting with the Council of Vice Presidents and the Political Bureau of the Revolution Photo: Presidential Press

1×10 of the Good Government

The also President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted that the VenApp Systems and Line 58 will be articulated with street work.

“We were working on the issues of public services and reviewing the statistics of economic growth,” explained the Head of State.

Likewise, the national president pointed out that in Venezuela “we are reaching a great balance in all economic and financial systems.”

In this sense, he informed that the statistics of economic growth and the commercial movement of the country are fruitful. “Every weekend the record of transactions made through the digital bolivar is broken,” she pointed out.

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