More than 260 arrested for committing crimes and apply 1,278 traffic violations

In the last 24 hours the violators of the laws did not rest, but neither did the authorities, since 263 people were arrested, in addition to the fact that 1,278 tickets were issued to drivers who violated traffic regulations.

The National Police detailed that of the 263 people apprehended; 143 were required by trades, 73 were coducted for committing administrative offenses, 24 for flagrancy, 13 for micro-trafficking and 10 for drug trafficking.

The arrest of these people was achieved in the Alfil operation, through 82 raids in which they seized 12 firearms, money, recovered vehicles, ammunition and seized drugs.

According to the National Directorate of Traffic Operations (DNOT), of the sanctions placed, 404 were for speeding, 35 for proven drunkenness, 9 for alcoholic breath, 76 for inadequate lights, 15 for talking on a cell phone.

Major Luciano Bejarano of the DNOT explained that 110 traffic accidents were dealt with, resulting in 20 injuries, and 69 vehicles were towed by tow truck for various faults.

Bejarano recommended drivers to drive respecting the speed limits, to be aware of the road conditions and if they have ingested alcoholic beverages, not to drive; As for pedestrians, they were recommended to use the overpasses and security lines.

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