Más de 2.300 jóvenes de Brigadas contra el Cambio Climático desplegados en Campamentos ecosocialistas

More than 2,300 young people from Brigades against Climate Change deployed in ecosocialist camps

More than 2,300 young pioneers, members of the Brigades Against Climate Change, were deployed throughout Venezuela to accompany seasonal visitors who enjoy the parks and recreational areas during Holy Week.

This was reported by the director of the Ecosocialist Territorial Units (Utec), Cesar Solis, who in statements to Venezuelan Television (VTV)explained that in these days of national holiday, the brigadistas strengthen the campaign “Give the tail to your garbage”, which aims to sensitize vacationers to keep the beaches, mountains and spas clean, taking garbage and waste to containers provided for it .

The purpose is to put into practice the awareness-raising message to preserve natural spaces, the environment of the planet and the human species, the Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism published on its social networks.

The young brigade members are working during the religious holiday in 44 national parks and natural monuments, complying with the 5th. Historical objective of the Plan de la Patria, and the guidelines bequeathed by Commander Chávez, which are policies of the Bolivarian Government of President Nicolás Maduro.

In the camps, the ecosocialist volunteers receive leisure and recreational modules, cleaning and recycling days, and conservationist tasks to achieve the participation of the seasonal visitor in the enjoyment and preservation of the area they visit.

Thus, the brigade members have approached the Playón del Río Apure and the Floral Beach of Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui, where the Awareness Day was held for visitors, and the Los Venados Recreational Park, on the Waraira Repano hill in Caracas. , as some of the examples of the activities carried out.

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