Más de 20 mil funcionarios de gestión de riesgo desplegados para atender población ante lluvias

More than 20,000 risk management officials deployed to serve the population in the event of rains

More than 20,000 men and women belonging to the national risk management system are deployed to serve the Venezuelan population in the face of rains in the country, as indicated by the Vice Minister of Risk Management and Civil Protection, M/G Carlos Perez Ampueda.

During the 360 ​​program broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, the deputy minister explained that the national territory in recent hours has decreased rainfall. “We have weak, scattered precipitation and it continues, which is where we are monitoring.”

He added that there are two states with moderate or heavy rainfall, Guárico and Monagas. “In Guárico we have 95 families affected, after the overflow of the streams, as well as abundant rains in Monagas, but in the rest of the states it registers weak rainfall.”

He asserted that in Caracas, specifically in the Guaire River, there are three monitoring systems: observation, prevention and alert, so the rains have not passed the prevention level.

On the other hand, M/G Carlos Pérez Ampueda argued that a risk management culture should be strengthened.

“We have to work on risk management as a culture from school and home. Today the teachers and all the people in the home must articulate ourselves given that it is part of the risk and alarm management system”, the deputy minister said.

Given the above, he stressed that it is important to promote a community risk map and articulate to create a community system from the home. “We have to do risk prevention, reduction and mitigation through these realities of the climate crisis in the world.”



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