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More than 2,000 people will participate in the Brazilian elections from Montevideo


This Sunday, October 2, Brazil will experience the first round of new presidential elections, with the contest between the current president Jair Bolsonaro and the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. However, the election will not only take place in Brazil: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country foresees that 697,084 Brazilians abroad also participate, including 2,410 in Uruguay, Foreign Ministry sources informed The Observer.

The voting of natural Brazilian citizens over 18 years of age will take place in the Institute of Uruguayan-Brazilian Culture (ICUB), located on the avenue 18 de Julio and Julio Herrera y Obes, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.reported from the Consulate General of Brazil in Montevideo to The Observer.

At the Consulate they recommend that the voting population download the application e-Title, which allows access to the credential virtually. They also noted that The use of cell phones and electronic devices is prohibited in the voting centerand even these “must be handed in at the polling station before voting”they remarked from the consular office.

Those people who would like to vote in these elections outside of Brazil they had to register 151 days before the elections (May 4)according to the website of the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court. They can only vote for the president of that nationhe adds.

Voting is mandatory, and not voting “generates a debt with the Electoral Justice” which can take from “the impossibility of obtaining the Electoral Registration Certificate” until the cancellation of the “electoral document” after “completed three consecutive unexcused absences”.

The Brazilian Consulate in Montevideo recalled that the e-Title app can be used “to justify the absence on election day and also after the electionprovided that the voter is away from his electoral domicile or can prove the impossibility of voting”.

The country with the most registered Brazilian voters abroad is United States, with 182,987above Portugal (80,896) Y Japan (76,570), reported the Brazilian Foreign Ministry. In total there are 1,018 electoral sections abroad, spread over 159 cities in 97 countries.

The latest Datafolha survey gives Lula 50% valid vote intention against President Bolsonaro’s 36, an advantage with which the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) could be proclaimed winner in the first round in the elections next Sunday. If not, the second round will be held on October 30.

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