More than 160 thousand Colombians have voted abroad

The e’s are comingpresidential lessons for the second round. Colombians abroad began to vote on June 13 for Rodolfo Hernandez or Gustavo Petro.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the day of the sixth day of elections abroad passed normally.

With the opening of the polling stations in Auckland and Wellington (New Zealand), Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (Australia) Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka (Japan) and Seoul (South Korea) the seventh day of voting abroad began.

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The posts with largest vote during the sixth election day were the Consulate in Miami (United States) with 4,507 voters, Consulate and Embassy in Madrid (Spain) with 2,774 voters, Consulate in Barcelona (Spain) with 2,141 voters and Consulate in Orlando (United States) with 1,649 voters.

On the sixth day of elections abroad 42,554 nationals were registered during election dayreaching a total of 162,033 voters who have exercised their right to vote for the presidential second round 2022.

For his part, Defense Minister Diego Molano assured that 20,000 more members of the Public Force of the 320 ready for the day, will be located in areas where received complaints of electoral constraint by armed groups.

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He further stated that “The purpose of this Democracy Plan is that Colombians can vote freely, without feartheir mobility is guaranteed and the results are respected”.

Molano said that the 12,000 polling stations are protected by a policeman or a soldier, before, during and after this day electoral.

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