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May 23, 2023
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More than 160 fires between agricultural and forest burning during the weekend

The surveillance system for images against fires in Nicaragua detected, throughout the national territory, just last weekend alone a total of 167 hot spots, which when verified were found to be fires, mostly due to “agricultural burning », according to the official propaganda outlet El 19 Digital.

The official platform details that, during Saturday, May 20, the surveillance system detected a total of 120 hot spots throughout the country in 10 departments of the country and the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast.

At the time of carrying out the verifications, it was found that there were 99 agricultural burns, a common activity for this time of year because the peasants are preparing their lands for sowing with the arrival of winter.

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Despite the fact that the burning is necessary for the peasants, on many occasions they do not carry out proper control and the fires get out of their hands, becoming dangerous burning.

More than 160 fires between agricultural and forest burning during the weekend
More than 160 fires between agricultural and forest burning during the weekend

In addition, that same Saturday two forest fires were detected in the Nueva Segovia area, where there is a pine forest cover.

While on Sunday 47 hot spots were detected, of which 40 were agricultural burns, one was a forest fire and the rest, “brush burning.”

The Observatory of Natural Phenomena (Ofena) reported that between May 15 and 21, 1,765 fire alerts were issued throughout the national territory, however, only 4% of these alerts could be verified that they were “of high confidence”. , indicates the Ofena report.

The northeastern part of the country is where the highest number of fires is recorded.

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