More than 16 thousand doses of the bivalent vaccine have been applied throughout the country

Judith Pena | January 25, 2023

A total of 16,963 doses of the bivalent vaccine have been applied throughout the country through the Expanded Immunization Program (PAI) of the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

The health authorities stressed that this bivalent vaccine has been applied to front-line personnel, such as health professionals, chronic patients, bedridden and security forces.

The PAI highlighted that the Pfizer Pediatric vaccine from 6 months to 4 years, in the same period of time (January 16 to 22), 1,147 doses have been applied, distributed as follows: 760 first doses, 352 second doses and 35 first booster dose.

Additionally, it should be noted that the Pfizer vaccine for adults against SARS COV-2, from January 16 to 22, 2,355 doses were administered, distributed as follows: 264 first doses; 371 second dose; four (4) third doses; two (2) fourth doses; thousand 432 first reinforcement and 282 second reinforcements.


On the other hand, the report provided by the PAI details that from November 2, 2022 to January 23, 2023 they have applied 70 registered doses with 60 first doses and 10 second doses.

The Metropolitan Health Region has the largest number of doses applied with 46; North Panama with 6 applied doses; West Panama with 5 doses and with 1 dose applied San Miguelito, Coclé and Chiriquí.

Vaccines are applied in MINSA health centers and Social Security Fund (CSS) polyclinics, in addition to extramural vaccination days, an initiative that seeks to reach a greater number of people inoculated against Covid-19, throughout the country.

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