More than 16% of households have already carried out the digital census and the director of the INE joked with a statistic

More than 16% of households have already carried out the digital census and the director of the INE joked with a statistic

The National Statistics Institute (INE) reported that More than 200,000 people have already completed the digital census, which will be available until May 17. Its president, Diego Aboal, indicated that it is approximately more than 16% of Uruguayan households.

As he explained, this data places Uruguay “comfortably” in second place in Latin America in terms of the number of people who carried out the digital census, only behind Argentina.

“I was going to say something more about the soccer rivalry in the Río de la Plata, but,” said Aboal.

How to do the digital census?

whatThe 2023 Census is mandatory? This first stage is not, but the next one is. That is, if the person completed the online version, he will only have to show the census taker the code that the page displays after answering the form.

But if the person did not comply with that first stage, they will be obliged to answer the census taker’s questions in person.

1- To carry out the Digital Census, you must enter the website and click where it says “Start census.” A page will open in which you must select “Accept the terms of this consent” and click on “Begin”

2- The system will request that you enter the meter number (or meter) of your UTE service and the account number, You will find this information on your UTE invoice. Enter these data and click the button “Following”, HE explained on the Census website.

3- In this step you must complete your personal information: name, identity card and choose one of the two options: Enter your mobile number or email, to receive an access code that will allow you to complete the census. Then click on “Following”.

4- Enter the code what did you get for SMS or by mail (depending on the option you chose in the previous step). Keep in mind that the code it may take a few minutes to be sent to your email or cell phone. Remember to check the emails in the Spam tray of your email. (Only in case you haven’t received the code, past a few minutesclick on “It did not arrive, request again” and the system will send you another code so that you can access to complete the census. Once received, enter it and click on “Following”).

5- Click on: “Start census” and agreed to answer the questions in the questionnaire.

6- The census questionnaire is composed ofr three modules: Dwellings, Households and People. When you complete a module, you can continue to the next. “In case you have doubts about any answer or do not have time to continue Don’t worry! You will be able to answer the questionnaire at another time, the information you have already entered will be saved automatically,” indicates the Census website.

7- Once you answer the complete questionnaire, the system will show you a completion code that will also be sent by email to your email or by SMS to your cell phone. It is very important that you save this code since, once the digital census stage is over, a census taker will visit your home. “Once the code has been delivered to the census taker, you finished the census!”, concludes the guide

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