More than $1,000 million in supplies for Productive Alliances of Quindío

More than $1,000 million in supplies for Productive Alliances of Quindío

On May 24, within the framework of Horticulture Day, the governor of Quindío, Roberto Jaramillo Cárdenas, delivered the supplies to two Productive Alliances dedicated to the production of vegetables in the municipalities of Córdoba and Filandia.

(Connection plans for the Colombian rural sector are accelerated).

In Córdoba, together with the mayor of Córdoba, John Jairo Pacheco, and the departmental secretary of Agriculture, Julio Cortés, the official handed over nearly $620 million in organic fertilizers, tools, tanks and irrigation hoses, among other inputs, to the proc associationor that brings together more than 40 families in the region.

“It represents a change of culture, because we are migrating back to crops oriented to food for the people, leaving the monoculture of coffee or bananas. We return to the traditional culture of cultivation, when there were no chemicals, it was with the same inputs from our farms, that we made fertilizers, fertilizers and pest control, it is a good experiment”, said Leider Gaitán Laguna, beneficiary of the project.

The second installment was for the asprofil association, in the municipality of Finlandia, which received about $505 million in supplies for vegetable production.

(The three keys to develop the Colombian countryside, according to the SAC).

It should be noted that both initiatives will bet on clean production free of agrochemicals, and will sell their production to the Agriquín association, which will be in charge of marketing.


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