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More than 100 organizations sign manifesto in defense of democracy

In a text published today (5th) in national newspapers, 107 organizations signed a manifesto in defense of democracy. The document was articulated by the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp).More than 100 organizations sign manifesto in defense of democracy

Entitled In Defense of Democracy and Justice, the manifesto praises the strength of the Brazilian government regime and highlights the importance of institutions, especially the Judiciary and Electoral Justice. “Our democracy has shown successive evidence of robustness”, emphasizes the letter. “In less than four decades, it faced deep crises, both economic, such as periods of recession and hyperinflation, and political, overcoming these ills by the strength of our institutions”, says the text.

The manifesto is opposed to discourses that advance against these values, which are not explicitly mentioned. “They were solid enough to guarantee the execution of governments across political spectrums. Without being shaken by litanies of those who go beyond the reasonable limits of constructive criticism”, adds the manifesto.

The entities emphasize the role of the Federal Constitution as a pillar of democracy. “We want a prosperous, fair and solidary country, guided by the republican principles expressed in the Constitution, to which we all bow, confident in the superior will of democracy”, highlights the text that again warns of attacks on these values.

“Is it over there [a democracia] it is strengthened with union, reforming what needs repair, not destroying; adding the hopes for a proud and peaceful Brazil, not subtracting them with slogans and divisions that threaten the desired peace and development”, says the document.

“Civil society entities and citizens who sign this act highlight the role of the Brazilian Judiciary, especially the Federal Supreme Court, the ultimate guardian of the Constitution, and the Superior Electoral Court”, states the manifesto that classifies Brazilian elections as “respected internationally”. The importance of the independence and harmony of the three powers – Executive, Legislative and Judiciary – for the development of the country is also remembered.

Among the signatories are business entities, such as the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), non-governmental organizations (Amnesty International; Instituto Vladmir Herzog), trade union centrals (Central Única dos Trabalhadores; Força Sindical), in addition to the Brazilian Bar Association of São Paulo and universities (USP; Unicamp; Unesp; PUC).

The letter came amid attacks by President Jair Bolsonaro on the electoral system and electronic voting machines, which he claims, without providing evidence, are unreliable. In July, In a meeting with ambassadors, Bolsonaro said that the government would work to present a “way out” for the elections. this year. The idea would be to “fix flaws”.

In a press release published on the day of the meeting with the ambassadors, Palácio do Planalto highlighted that the event aimed to “improve the transparency and security standards” of the elections. “[O presidente] He stressed to the diplomatic representatives present his desire to improve the standards of transparency and security of the Brazilian electoral process. He emphasized that the priority is to ensure that the will of the Brazilian people unquestionably prevails in the elections to be held on October 2nd,” the statement said.

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