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Montoya rejects FP’s request for Echaíz to join the list headed by Lady Camones

Montoya rejects FP's request for Echaíz to join the list headed by Lady Camones

The spokesman for the Popular Renovation caucus, criticized the request made by Congressman Hernando Guerra García () so that Gladys Echaíz (Popular Renovation) joins the list headed by Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress) for the Board of Directors.

Through his social networks, the parliamentarian indicated that Fuerza Popular is using the same speech as in the election for the Board of Directors in 2021, for which he rejected the request.

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Unfortunately history repeats itself, 1 year ago they told us and even threatened ‘give up running for the Board of Directors’, ‘do it for the good of the country’, ‘let’s join forces against communism’ and it was all a farce. We already know the story”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

Today the same thing happens, Fuerza Popular proposes that we stop applying, that means that now they are closer to Pedro Castillo. Well, we answer ‘Let Peru see who is really against communism and this misrule’”, he added.

Subsequently, Montoya Manrique revealed in dialogue with RPP that he has spoken with representatives of the Somos Perú caucus and they have indicated that they will support Echaíz’s nomination to the Board of Directors.

“(Which benches have pledged their support for Gladys Echaíz?) I have spoken with Somos Perú and they agree to do it, but they still need to refine some details because they had a previous commitment and they would have to get out of that commitment to be able to help us.“, held.

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This, despite the fact that last Thursday the congressman Wilmar Elera (Somos Perú) reported that his group was going to support the list headed by Lady Camones for the Board of Directors of Parliament.

We are committed to supporting the Alianza para el Progreso caucus in order to support Lady Camones’s candidacy (…) I think that the fact of having spent a year as vice president has given her enough experience to be a good president and to be able to be consistent with the different benches, there are now about 12 in Congress”, Elera said in dialogue with Canal N.

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