Montevideo Marathon: blocking streets and detours this Sunday

This Sunday is the Montevideo Marathon 2023 that covers more than 25 neighborhoods of the city.

Among them, Centro, Cordón Norte, Aguada, Arroyo Seco, Redoubt, Bella Vista, Atahualpa, Prado, Eastern Arm, Villa Española, La Blanqueada, Batlle Park, Belgrano, Diving, Malvín, Pocitos, Punta Carretas, Rodó Park, South Palermo and Old City.

The three categories (10k, 21k and 42k) started at 07:00 from the esplanade of the Intendancy and it is estimated that the competition, in its longest category, ends around noon. The assembly of the stage, as well as the circuit itself, will generate cuts and diversions of traffic and transport.

Since yesterday, Saturday, July 18 has been cut off between Barrios Amorín and Ejido, the Municipality reported.

This Sunday there is a total traffic cut at the intersections of 18 de Julio with Barrios Amorín, Yaguarón, Convención and Andes until the end of the race.

During the race there will be 20 points “permeable to traffic”, that is, through which you can pass while the runners are not passing and the crossing is safe:

• Av. del Libertador and Galicia

• Av. del Libertador and La Paz

• Bv. Artigas and Av. Joaquín Suárez

• Av. Millán and Av. Luis Alberto de Herrera

• Av. Burgues and Av. Luis Alberto de Herrera

• Av. San Martín and Av. Luis Alberto de Herrera

• Av. General Flores and Av. Luis Alberto de Herrera

• Bv. Batlle and Ordóñez and Marne

• Isabela and Av. Jacobo Varela

• Rafael Eguren and Av. Jacobo Varela

• Jaime Roldós y Pons and Av. Jacobo Varela

• José Pedro Varela and Dámaso A. Larrañaga

• Bv. Batlle y Ordóñez and Dámaso A. Larrañaga

• Monte Caseros and Dámaso A. Larrañaga

• Av. Luis Alberto de Herrera and Joanicó (only to the west)

• Tunnel of Av. Italia

• Av. Rivera and Av. Luis Alberto de Herrera

• March 26 and Av. Luis Alberto de Herrera

• Rambla (only to the Center) and Av. Luis Alberto de Herrera

Entrance to Montevideo

This Sunday it is suggested that entering Montevideo from the west be through Avenida Millán and avoid reaching Boulevard Artigas, since the transit will remain closed in Bv. Artigas and Suárez from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. approximately.

For those who travel from the accesses – Route 1 to the Center or the East, two detours are recommended:

• Carlos María Ramírez – Graceful – Garzón – Ariel – Millán.

• Capurro – Graceful – Garzón – Ariel – Millán.

Detours in Transport

Routes of some 70 urban lines and suburban lines that circulate through Agraciada and 8 de Octubre are modified.

The lines that usually run along Avenida 18 de Julio towards Plaza Independencia will divert through Minas, Colonia, Yaguarón, to their usual route.

Meanwhile, the lines that usually circulate along 18 de Julio avenue towards the Obelisk will divert along 18 de Julio avenue, Yaguarón, San José, Barrios Amorín, Constituyente, 18 de Julio / Tacuarembó avenue.

Most detours run from 4.30 am. For most of the lines, these detours will last until approximately 9:30, except for those that run along the Rambla and 18 de Julio.

Between 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., traffic will remain closed, with the consequent transport diversions, on the boulevard from Malvín to Ciudadela.

Avenida 18 de Julio will remain closed to traffic until 2:00 p.m., from Minas to Plaza Independencia.

On the other hand, from 7 am on Sunday, the buses that usually stop at the Plaza España terminal will make the provisional terminal in Maldonado between Florida and Andes.

The Kibón terminal will be without access as of 5 am on Sunday, due to the closure of Luis Alberto de Herrera, and it will work provisionally at Luis Bonavita and 26 de Marzo.

Mill Step Terminal: Knight between Cno. Castro and Marcelino Díaz from 05:00. More modifications in the route of the bus lines can be seen on the website of the Municipality

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