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“Monteverde” seeks to gain confidence among Nicaraguans and “talk” between opponents

"Monteverde" seeks to gain confidence among Nicaraguans and "talk" between opponents

The former presidential candidates who joined the initiative of the opposition in exile called «Green Mount» continue to search for sectors that make up this space, which according to opposition leader Juan Sebastián Chamorro «They do not claim to be an avant-garde movement».

This Sunday they met in the state of Texas with an important group of Nicaraguans who requested to know what is and is not «Green Mount»?, says Chamorro. What does this space that claims to be a space for the opposition offer? The leader of the Peasant Movement Medardo Mairena stresses that the objective is the same «remove the dictatorship and seek the freedom of Nicaragua».

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The members of this initiative claim to have clear proposals in which they have managed to agree. According to the members of the group, this initiative has generated expectations among the exiles who are in the different states of the United States. «What I feel that people appreciate the most is that this is not the only space, but rather that it recognizes other spaces and the needs for mature, concrete, specific dialogue, based on actions that must be implemented to end the dictatorship.»added Chamorro.

unit from exile

The opening to know this intention of unity has not only been presented to the diaspora. The members of this movement indicate that there is interest from other organizations with which they have already arranged meetings. On social networks, some users who identify themselves as Nicaraguans are negative about this movement. They emphasize that there is no opportunity from exile.

This «space»as the members describe themselves, is a representation of individual opponents and does not include the union of groups, a clear difference from what the National Coalition intended when they were in Nicaragua. «We are making an effort at this moment to manage to collect the different proposals, consolidate them into a strategy that allows us to get out of the dictatorship»Mairena added.

"Monteverde" seeks to gain confidence among Nicaraguans and "talk" between opponents

Juan Sebastián ends by explaining that this group «It is simply a space or process where effectively all political space, organizations can speak and communicate».

Monteverde is a space that was born in Costa Rica in 2021, to build a «unit in action» under the conditions of exile, to which some of those released were added.

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