Monsignor Sándigo complies with Ortega's order and will not hold a "Palm Sunday" procession

Monsignor Sándigo complies with Ortega’s order and will not hold a “Palm Sunday” procession

Mgr Socrates Rene Sandigo, Bishop of the Diocese of León, informed the parishioners of the university city that next Sunday, April 2, the traditional procession of “Jesús del Triunfo” will not take place, which takes place every year, prior to Holy Week, Also known as “Palm Sunday”.

Without referring to the fact that it is the regime of Daniel Ortega who prohibited all processions of the Catholic Church, including those of Holy Week, the prelate limited himself to saying that “so far, according to what is known, we are not going to have the procession de Jesús del Triunfo, that beautiful procession of years».

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“(…) if there is no other indication than what has already been given, then we are not going to have that procession, and we would notify you of anything,” stressed the bishop, criticized for his closeness to the Sandinista government.

He also indicated that the traditional blessing of the palms will be held next Sunday. “There in the atrium – of the Cathedral – to then enter the celebration,” he said.

Monsignor Sándigo complies with Ortega’s order. He announces that he will not make a “Palm Sunday” procession. Photo: Article 66 / Screenshot

“I invite all our parishioners from León, Chinandega, to get closer to God this Holy Week, to fill the temples, to live a holy week in the Lord,” added Sándigo, who has remained silent in the face of the attacks on the Catholic Church. of Nicaragua and the kidnapping of Monsignor Rolando Álvarez.

He also took the opportunity to urge parishioners to have “a serious attitude, maturity, reflection, internalization; accepting that invitation to listen to the Lord».

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Since 2022, the Ortega dictatorship intensified the persecution and siege against the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, kidnapping and sentencing more than 10 priests, including Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa who is being held in the System Jorge Navarro penitentiary, from Tipitapa, forcing him to pay a sentence of 26 years in prison and the loss of his nationality, for the alleged crime of “treason”.

It has also impeded freedom of worship, canceling all massive activity, even attacking priests and religious who intend to carry out some activity on the street.

The last attack against priests took place on Thursday the 23rd of this month, when the Police tried to kidnap the father Pedro Mendez, parish priest of the Santa María Magdalena church, in Monimbó, Masaya.

According to witnesses, the repressive act of the police institution originated because the religious called for a day of fasting and prayer for the freedom of Monsignor Álvarez.

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