Monsignor Basabe calls for an end to "bubbles of economic falsehood" that hide the crisis

Monsignor Basabe calls for an end to “bubbles of economic falsehood” that hide the crisis

In a mass officiated by Monsignor Víctor Hugo Basabe in commemoration of the Divina Pastora, he asked to pray for the Venezuelan economy, for professionals with extremely poor economic conditions and for the more than seven million Venezuelan migrants

Monsignor Víctor Hugo Basabe referred this Saturday, January 14, to the economic reality of the country and to the commercial bubble that, in the eyes of the international community, simulates a normal situation that does not correspond to the reality of a population that continues to be impoverished. .

During Procession 165 of the Divina Pastora, held in Barquisimeto, Monsignor Basabe officiated a mass in which he called for the cessation of the “bubbles of economic falsehood” that do not reflect the situation of millions of Venezuelans.

“I invite you to put our wounded, mistreated, betrayed and looted Venezuela at the heart of our prayers, and to stop the bubbles of economic falsehood that try to hide from the world the precarious situation in which the most of our Venezuelan brothers,” he said in front of a congregation of parishioners.

The clergyman emphasized the situation of poverty in which salaried workers, including professionals, are submerged due to the economic crisis that has hit the country in the last decade and asked to direct prayers to those who suffer from this reality.

«Let us put our teachers and professors, our doctors, nurses and nurses, our journalists in our prayers; to all our professionals and technicians, men and women workers. Let us join their clamor with our prayers so that in the performance of their work they receive the dignified treatment they deserve for their work,” he added.

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Similarly, he noted that the prayers should include the more than seven million Venezuelans who left the country in search of better living conditions, but who are sometimes victims of mistreatment and even illegal activities abroad.

“Let us place at the heart of our prayer our young people, our elderly, those more than seven million brothers of Venezuelans who have been forced to migrate from our land in search of better living conditions for themselves and their families, many of them of which are objects of contempt, xenophobia, trafficking and labor slavery,” he said in statements recorded and published by the team of the whistle.

The procession of the divine shepherd is an activity of the Catholic Church that takes place every January 14 in Barquisimeto, Lara state. It is considered the second largest in the world with an average of 2 million parishioners attending each year, who observe how the image leaves its temple in the neighboring town of Santa Rosa and is carried on their shoulders to the Cathedral of Barquisimeto, on a tour approximately 7.5 km.

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