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Monreal’s first official rally as a morenista candidate

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Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday February 19, 2023, p. 4

Zacatecas, Zac., Senator Ricardo Monreal Ávila had his first official act as a candidate for the presidential candidacy of Morena, in the Miguel Auza public square in the historic center of this capital, where he claimed to be the most prepared and with the most political experience of the four candidates.

He supported a large part of his speech in the movement that he led in 1998, when after resigning from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), where he was not given the candidacy for the government of Zacatecas, he ran as a standard-bearer for the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and won .

In the afternoon, in his native Fresnillo, where his brother Saúl is mayor, the senator had other meetings with supporters.

In the state capital, before some 500 people, most of them bureaucrats and some government officials headed by his brother David, the legislator recalled his 1998 fight, “against power, against the government and against some media, and you with me, we fought for Zacatecas.

They told us that we were deluded, that we were never going to defeat power, that we were naive and dreamy, and at the polls we defeated them. We defeated the hegemonic parties that refused to open the doors of democracyhe expressed.

Accompanied on the stage by his daughter Catalina Monreal Pérez, former candidate for Morena state leader, Ricardo Monreal said he felt happy, 25 years after winning the governorship. “It makes me proud, it excites me, to meet them again, with the same energy, with the same spirit, with the same desire to change and transform our nation.

Only now we are going to a fight in Zacatecas at the National Palace. Once the internal process is opened, and the law allows us, we will walk throughout the country, to return to lead a social movement like the one in 1998harangued.

The senator from Zacatecas indicated to his supporters: that it be known throughout the country, I have decided to participate to succeed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Because I am the one with the most experience, the one who comes from below and the one who knows about the suffering of all of you.

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