Monreal and Ebrard struggle to weave networks in CDMX to gain ground by 2024

Monreal and Ebrard struggle to weave networks in CDMX to gain ground by 2024

On November 6, he met with around 700 cooperative leaders in Mexico City as well as 2,000 women, who in Coyoacán spoke in favor of the foreign minister.

Ebrard chose the capital to make his “unveiling” on December 3, with around 10,000 attendees and representatives of the country’s 300 constituencies inside the World Trade Center.

“First we have to win a survey, that someone out there says that they already have it, that they already have this and that they already have that. We haven’t started yet, today we start,” she said.

Bases in CDMX, vital to negotiate position in Morena

Both Monreal and Ebrard have relevant positions in terms of support networks in Mexico City, generated during their political careers, says Christian Salazar Montiel, a political specialist and academic at UNAM’s Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Acatlán.

“Although the territory is governed by Claudia Sheinbaum, neither Marcelo Ebrard nor Ricardo Monreal are oblivious to political work in the city. Ebrard, from the Manuel Camacho Solís group, has great knowledge of the capital and at the time had important support groups that led him to the Headquarters of Government.

In the case of Monreal, explains the academic, although he could not be head of government, he was a delegate from Cuauhtémoc, one of the most important demarcations in political terms, which allowed him to know the innards of groups of merchants and businessmen, which gives you the possibility of having this support.

Natally Xiomara Soria Moya, a specialist in political party issues and a professor at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey (ITESM), Querétaro campus, believes that although Marcelo Ebrard has already governed Mexico City,
the advantage in the capital is for the current head of government.

“The advantage is for those who are in office because the exercise of government gives visibility, although it can also be a disadvantage because if something is done wrong, citizens can apply a vote of punishment, it is dangerous, but at this time in the Claudia polls Sheinbaum has managed to position itself well”, he maintains.

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