Monkeypox: Medina said that homosexuals are the "population that is most at risk"

Infectologist Julio Medina argued that health authorities must “openly communicate” about monkeypox and its forms of transmission.

“At this point in the epidemic, men who identify as gay, bisexual, or who have sex with other men are the population most at risk”, assured the medical expert. Thus, he insisted that “not saying this clearly”, although “it carries a good intention to avoid stigmatizing”, “does not help this community or stop the outbreak”.

In any case, he clarified that “technically” smallpox can be transmitted “in different ways” and anyone “could potentially be at risk”.

Until now, most of the reported cases occurred after close contact during sexual intercourse between men with infective lesions, the infectologist emphasized in a thread he made on Twitter. However, he explained that the international scientific community analyzes the evidence that arises day by day to assess whether the epidemic is moving to other groups and whether or not the virus has acquired an evolutionary advantage that allows it to be transmitted more efficiently.

In Uruguay there is, at the moment, a single confirmed case. The Minister of Health, Daniel Salinas, recommended “maintaining a stable partner” and making “correct use of condoms” as recommendations against monkeypox; to this is added a series of official suggestions from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP).

By the end of October, the country will receive between 6,000 and 7,000 vaccines to deal with the disease.

Days ago, a scientific study developed in the United Kingdom concluded that there is an “unprecedented” increase in cases in homosexual and bisexual men.

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