“Money laundering classes”: Sansores broadcasts new audio of “Alito” Moreno

“Money laundering classes”: Sansores broadcasts new audio of “Alito” Moreno

In both recordings, Moreno Cárdenas, federal deputy and national leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), talks with a person he trusts with whom he agrees on what transactions to do with the properties in his name and supposed triangulations to get the money back, via the bank account of his mother, Yolanda Cárdenas.

Among the phrases that are heard, Moreno allegedly says: “They are going to pay my mom and my mom puts it in my account.” The tricolor leader mentions other characters and businessmen with whom he would have agreements.

Moreno – the governor warned – “he made the mistake of (Emilio) Lozoya, why the hell did he put his mother in? So her mother right now is also involved in this money laundering because she is also a lender and she must have received it in her name and she must have signed the check to give it to her son, knowing that from where The money came in.”

The plot is that “he pretends to sell himself, he puts the money himself, they deposit it in the mother’s account, the mother passes it to him, they make a whole mess in order to have the citizen deceived, the Treasury and I believe that today they do have the opportunity to investigate (in the Prosecutor’s Office) because we had also already presented other evidence that we found in the Public Registry of Property”, and the complaint was filed in April and before the electrical reform, explained Sansores .

“This is called money laundering in short, the other audios were that it was beautiful, or electoral crimes, this is openly a crime,” accused the Morena president.

Sansores described what Moreno said as “classes of money laundering.”

In previous weeks, it has released recordings of alleged payments of 100 million pesos to the Spanish electoral strategy Antonio Solá, then alleged illegal private contributions to campaigns and finally phrases against journalists.


“It gives courage, but the mother is the one who is now going to appear as if she sold a piece of that land but she does not sell it, everything is simulated (…), the only thing they are doing is a perverse game that you make a circle so that when enter your account everything is washed and the mother loses a piece of property, ”said Sansores.

In the second audio, the collaborator is heard saying: “here is a little piece of land that is not yours, it is 200 meters”. Presumably Moreno replies: “I screwed it up.”

Sansores explained that the land that Moreno said he donated to his mother is on the beach, “it is 30 hectares, he bought it for 33 cents per square meter, at a commercial price, but he still modified it in the Public Registry of the property so that it will remain registered all the land at 1,679 pesos, that is, at half a cent per square meter in Champotón, for which they are not paying that municipality not even the property tax”.

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