Molina: "Due to the lack of rigid laws, crime covers us"

Molina: “Due to the lack of rigid laws, crime covers us”

Santo Domingo.-The evangelical pastor ezekiel molina He regretted this Sunday that social ills, such as crime, worsen every day in the country, after criticizing the mayors, for not bringing order, and Congress, for not approving rigid laws against lawbreakers.

«Due to the lack of rigid laws, street and office crime surrounds us, because criminals easily get out of jail. There are many bills that have been around for many years and are not approved,” Molina complained.

The Christian leader referred to the rise in crime in the country, where armed gangs control the neighborhoods of the main cities.

Likewise, he assured during the 59th edition of the National Evangelical Concentration «The Battle of Faith«, that the country had never been as threatened as now, because «dark forces want to take away our nationality».

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In the same way, he supported Christians entering politics, since, according to what he stated, they can help to clean up the country.

“No matter how bad a Christian is, he is better than the outsiders,” he said. He promised that Christians will keep asking people to stay away from hell. “Our model is not Baal (the Devil), but Jesus Christ,” said the evangelical pastor.

Some 50,000 evangelicals filled the 30,000 locations of the Félix Sánchez, while some 20,000 congregated on the ground, according to the estimates of the event organizers.

Buses full of members of various congregations arrived from all over the national territory and even from abroad to participate in the rally.

Only from the city of La Romana, where the ministry was born, some 34 buses arrived, while the surroundings of the sports park looked clogged.

Attendees enjoyed the performance of Christian groups that delighted with songs and messages in favor of peace.

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