Mocanos in New York value Senator Carlos Gómez's work

Mocanos in New York value Senator Carlos Gómez’s work

NEW YORK.- Mocanos residing in this city stated that they value the legislative work that the senator for that region, Carlos Gómez, has been developing in favor of the inhabitants of the Espaillat province.

In a press document, they maintain that hundreds of low-income families in the province are benefiting from their good actions, citing the cases of their efforts to continue delivering cards from the Supérate program. The deliveries were made last week at the “Moca Sports Center”, they indicate.

Also, fulfilling his social plan, Gómez, current president of the Permanent Commission of Dominicans Resident Abroad in the Upper House, delivered two modern ambulances, one in Moca and another in Gaspar Hernández, which will serve to continue reinforcing the level of care to the population, with sophisticated and necessary equipment for emergencies that arise in this province.

Residents of Cayetano Germosén, San Víctor and the municipal districts of Jamao al Norte and Gaspar Hernández, can transfer patients to any other province, for testing or special studies, and those who require their free services should call 809- 822-7319, indicate.

The Mocanos in the Big Apple specify that, due to the efforts of the senator, the government of President Luis Abinader has invested more than 700 million pesos in works, which have a great social and economic impact in the entire province that makes it the demarcation with largest monetary outlay in the entire country, favoring more than 330,000 people.

The implementation of the “Paint your Neighborhood in Espaillat” program in the “Old Puerto Rico” sector and will be extended to the neighborhoods of Villa Bartola and Manuel Rodríguez, among others.

The construction of the Moca Club House, the installation of warehouses for Free Zones, punctual for the revitalization of the economy, among other things, they say.

The document is signed by Andrés Rosario, Mirtha Valdez, Isidro Polanco, Juan Manuel Soto, Claudio Rosario, Geraldo Guzmán, Melvin Polanco, Hipólito Manzueta, Wilson Marrero, John López, Margarita de Báez and Enrique de los Santos, among others.

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