Mobilizations of urban teachers closed routes in the department of Santa Cruz

Mobilizations of urban teachers closed routes in the department of Santa Cruz

March 24, 2023, 18:03 PM

March 24, 2023, 18:03 PM

The teachers complied with what was announced, paralyzed their activities for 24 hours, the main highways were mobilized and blocked, both in Santa Cruz and in the rest of the country. The sector demands a higher budget for education, newly created items and questions about the new contents of the curriculum, among other points.

In addition to the mobilizations registered in the half day this Friday in the city, the provinces also demonstrated; in Camiri and Pailón closed the highways that connect Bolivia with Argentina and Brazil, respectively.

Teófilo Baldivieso, correspondent for EL DEBER in this municipality, reported that, as the leaders of the urban teachers of the Cordillera province had announced, teachers who arrived from the five municipalities of that Santa Cruz province, they blocked access to the city of Camiri, setting up pickets both sides of bridge over the Parapetí river.

The closure of this highway, which links Santa Cruz with Argentina and Paraguay, and which also prevented passenger travel, is a measure of pressure that will intensify if they do not reach agreements with the central government on the demands of the teachers. These are referred to higher budget for education, elimination of “zero” hours, creation of new items and the refusal to apply the curriculum which, they point out, was not agreed upon and which the teachers describe as forced and with deficiencies.

For his part, Huberth Vaca, correspondent for EL DEBER in that town, indicated that the march of urban teachers from Pailón toured the streets of the town and blocked, for about 20 minutes, road towards the Chiquitania (Bioceanic, which connects with Brazil).

“First all the educators from the urban sector met, at midday they marched through the streets of the town and, in a symbolic way, they make a sporadic blockade for about 20 minutes and then they withdraw from the road and go to their headquarters,” Vaca said.

Andrés Céspedes, Executive Secretary of the Union of Urban Teachers of Pailón, asserted that “the magisterium will never be on its knees, only before God, and the times that it is summoned will be on the streets again. The Minister (of Education) does not listen to us, so they will be under pressure; they want quality education but they don’t provide the conditions”.

Professor Fausto Vaca stated that items needed for teachersand that the times that the Confederation calls them, they will be in the “Garganta de la Chiquitania”, the entrance route to the Chiquitano towns.

In Vallegrande, the blockade was suspended at four in the afternoon due to the rain and tomorrow (Saturday) school work will resume, according to Juan Carlos Aguilar, correspondent for EL DEBER in that area.

Before the end of this Friday afternoon, the blockade installed in Portachuelo by teachers was lifted, confirmed Soledad Prado, a correspondent for EL DEBER.

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