Mobility Institute secures a safe with bundles of money during the search of Route 400

Mobility Institute secures a safe with bundles of money during the search of Route 400

Monterey, NL. After the requisition of Route 400 carried out this Friday, July 1, in Santa Catarina, the governor Samuel Alejandro Garcia Sepulveda He pointed out that inside the facilities of the transportation company, a vault was secured that contained a safe with bundles of bills of different denominations and coins of different value.

The state president declared that with this finding, the abuse of some carrierswho arbitrarily increased their rate without authorization from the state government and continued to demand cash payment from users.

“What I can tell you ahead of time, because I’ve already uploaded it to my networks, is that when the vault of this Route, Route 400, was opened, many wads of money were found and not necessarily 20-peso bills or 10-peso coins, there are bills of 1,000 and 500 pesos.

The governor He announced that this Sunday he is going to propose to the Neolonese, that while in other cities of Mexico it is already charged electronically, here it is still collecting cash, “Imagine, a single route per day can charge between one and two million pesos in cash.”

“For me, cash collection is unsustainable, there is the robbery, they have been claiming losses for 20 years, if they are losses, why do they get into this business,” he questioned Garcia Sepulveda.

He added that the profits that carriers have received for 20 years are not reflected in new units or improved service.

“As soon as they multiply, that money by law should go to spending, salaries and investment in new units, where are the new units? Well, there are none or they give us scrap,” he stressed.

The aforementioned safe, as well as 75 trucks, are guarded by the Civil Force and personnel from the Mobility and Accessibility Institute.

Monitor wells

In another critical issue for the state government, the president supervised this Saturday the work of the first deep wells that will complement the water supply for the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey.

During a visit to the storage tanks in the municipality of Guadalupe, where the machinery used for the well drillingat least 1,000 meters deep, the president assured that there is confidence in reaching the proposed water supply goals.

He cited that according to the 2050 Water Plan, 2,000 liters per second can be extracted from the 29 deep wells, to size, it is what a dam gives, for example the Libertad reservoir can provide 1,500 liters per second.

He asserted that the capacity of the dams will not be recovered, with cloud bombardment, 196 shallow wells must also be added, “this is a crisis that we are going to overcome without a doubt, but we want to do it well, so that it never happens again. experience a similar crisis in Nuevo León”.

For his part, Luis Carlos Alatorre, general director of the organization of the Rio Bravo Basinreiterated that the federal government endorses coordination with the state to achieve a solution to the water crisis, and has even begun administrative procedures to analyze the concessions granted to local industries.

To date, he said, 20 administrative procedures have been initiated to analyze concessions and “this week new industries approached us to share our water.”





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