Moa rescuers try to save a man trapped in a well

A man was buried in a well that he was maintaining this Sunday in a town of Cayo Mambí, Frank País municipality, east of Holguín.

The man was identified as Fernando Herrera Ramírez, 63, and the well was 45 feet deep (about 13 meters). He was accompanied by his stepson, of whom no details have been given.

During his labors, and due to the great humidity of the recent rains, the earthen walls of the well detached and thus he was buried.

The event occurred around ten in the morning in Cayo Mambí, in the Mícara area, according to a report by Loidel Gainza for the Holguín telecentre, Tele Cristal.

Forces from the 30th Command, together with the Rescue and Salvage Unit of the Pedro Soto Alba of the municipality of Moa, moved to the site for their complex rescue.

In the last update, the Rescue Group was in communication with the victim, who is alive, although almost buried by the earth.

The rescuers were using different maneuvers, but the rescue could take between four or five hours.

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