Mixed commission enables 30 candidates for Comptroller and declares recess again

Mixed commission enables 30 candidates for Comptroller and declares recess again

July 14, 2022, 10:26 PM

July 14, 2022, 10:26 PM

In a procedure of less than eight hours, the mixed commission of Economic Planning decided to disqualify a dozen candidates to Comptroller General of the State and qualified 30 applicants. Finished that work the legislators returned to declare recess until august.

“We have 30 enabled and 10 disabledfor which we have called an intermediate room to be able to make the list in alphabetical order, both of those enabled and those disqualified”, briefly declared the senator, Eva Humerez Alvez (MAS), who chairs the mixed commission.

On June 22, the Assembly approved the regulations and the call to candidates who wish to hold the position of Comptroller General; on the 24th of the same month they began to receive applications and On July 8, that phase was closed with 40 candidates.

EL DEBER agreed to the official list drawn up by legislators of this commission and it was determined that Raúl Aguilera Montecinos, Javier Vega Viza, Hugo Venancio Apaza, Abel Terceros Herbas, Vicente Escobar Gutiérrez, Cyborg Kanashiro Bronnkss, Richard Zepita Condori, Franklin Solano Vargas, Hugo Apaza Poma and Erik Ramírez Huallpara are the 10 candidates who were left out of the race for the Comptroller.

The commission had declared a five-day recess before opening the envelopes of the 40 applicants, this Thursday they complied with that step and returned to declare a new recess until the first week of August when they will receive the objections against the candidates.

Although Senator Humerez claims the transparency of the process, There are no institutions overseeing this work, Despite the fact that the Citizen Observatory of Democracy (OCD) presented its letter of accreditation, this entity had already participated in the selection of the Ombudsman and left recommendations that were not applied to this new process.

In this way, 30 citizens remained in the race they must wait out the slow selection process. The women candidates who are still in the race are: María Valdez, René Choque Mamani, Carmen Ortiz Cerezo, Sandra Quiroga Solano, Ana María Chuquimia Quispe, Olga Suárez Jiménez, Mary Morales Velásquez and Filomena Ingala Callex.

The male candidates are: Sixto Mendoza Patty, Armando Arce Balcazar, Ramiro Ríos Montealegre, Gustavo Morejon Ignacio, Alfredo Villca Cari, Miguel Ángel Marañón Urquidi, Benedicto Apaza Vargas, Edino Clavijo Ponce, Carlos Garrón, Ricardo Tintaya Álvarez, Jaime Gutiérrez Guzmán, Gerardo Rojas Aliaga, Cristian Butrón , Ausberto Choque Mita, Luis Cayuira Barreto, Ángel Quisbert Blanco, Rómulo Cahuana Choque, Francisco Bravo Serrano, Jaime Loayza Tapia, Roy Ancasi Colque, Samuel Maldonado Condorena and Teodomiro Torrez Gonzáles.

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