Mitradel carries out the first survey of labor market needs, a key part of the ‘Solidarity Employment’ program

The National Director of Employment of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel), Alfredo Mitre, referred this Monday to the Solidarity Employment program, which is a public-private collaboration for the labor reactivation of vulnerable populations.

These people are identified by the Mitradel team and after an employment orientation process, intermediation is done with private companies that offer job vacancies and an economic incentive of $900 is guaranteed to companies that hire people. in a vulnerable condition, with the condition of keeping the worker in his or her position for a period of not less than 12 months.

Miter revealed that the entity is working on the first labor market need survey, and it should be completed by the end of August, so that in September a shipment can be made to all the companies in the country with the intention that they can say which They are the projections of new positions, what types of contracts they expect to generate, but above all what type of workforce they will require, not only in Panama but in the province (Colón) and thus be able to plan training.

In addition, being able to also contemplate the possibility of making investments in employment issues that allow rapid training of people who need to enter the labor market.

He pointed out that more than 25 companies have registered to support this program, however “not all of them require the personnel that we have in the database of beneficiaries that we have, because they may be asking for people with much more training or not so much training, And that’s where Mitradel’s mediation part comes in between the skills of the job seeker and the needs of the labor market.”

The official added that they have found a reality, and that is that many people studied a profession, but possibly that profession is not in such high demand in the country or in their province, and with these approaches this is being achieved.

Another deficiency they have found is the need to handle a second language, preferably English, whether for call centers, hotels, cruise lines that are looking for personnel, Panamanian and international airlines.

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