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Mistreatment, lost belongings and flooded bathrooms in Valle Grande

Havana Cuba. – From the Valle Grande prison, located west of the Cuban capital, the political prisoner Walfrido Rodriguez Pilot denounces an extensive clogging that affects the sanitary pipes, so that every time it rains the excrement floods the floors of the showers.

Rodríguez Piloto also denounces that the head of the Unit, an officer known as “Major Ortiz”, has a habit of threatening with the tonfa during the searches and inspections and does not allow the inmates to express themselves, much less to protest against the inhumane conditions they face. those who are subjected to that facility.

Other prisoners from Valle Grande, including political prisoner Yasser Fernando Rodríguez González, have also denounced that the prison authorities have a habit of removing prisoners from their cubicles every time they go to carry out searches to register the personal effects of inmates without their presence, which not only provokes the anger and protests of those affected, but has also led to the loss of several of their belongings.

Rodríguez Piloto stresses that the prison authorities intend to restrict his communications with the presence of a soldier next to him when he uses the telephone. At the time of writing this note, it was known through his sister that this Thursday the opponent had been transferred to the Pando Ferrer Hospital (League against the Blind) because of his loss of vision.

However, the woman assures that Rodríguez Piloto himself revealed to her that he had not been treated, because, according to the guards, the hospital had no equipment with which to measure his sight. The political prisoner is currently without glasses, since the ones he had were destroyed in a beating inflicted on him by the soldiers of that facility.

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