Mississippi prepares for new storms, after the passage of tornadoes that already leave 25 dead

Mississippi prepares for new storms, after the passage of tornadoes that already leave 25 dead

He mississippi statein the south of USAis preparing this Sunday for new storms, after multiple tornadoes ripped through the region, killing at least 25 people.

“This is a tragedy,” Governor Tate Reeves tweeted, speaking of the “devastating damage” caused Friday night by tornadoes that tore through more than 150 km of the state of Mississippi from west to east.

The balance amounts to 25 dead and dozens injured, according to the state emergency services (MSEMA). Four people who had been reported missing were foundhe added.

rescue teams continue to search for victims.

He President Joe Biden ordered this Sunday to deploy federal aid to the state, earmarked for grants for temporary housing, home repairs, and low-rate loans to cover losses from uninsured property.

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In a previous statement, the president maintained that he saw “heartbreaking” images and stressed that his government will “everything possible to help”, as long as “it is necessary”.

for this sunday terrible weather conditions are expected in the region, with strong winds and hail. The emergency management agency warned that “the possibility of tornadoes could not be excluded”.

In Rolling Forka city of about 2,000 people in western Mississippi, you could see rows of houses torn down, the streets littered with rubble and overturned cars. There were also trees scattered on the ground.

About 4,800 inhabitants they had no electricity in mississippiand about 11,000 homes and businesses they were still in the dark in the neighboring state of Alabamaaccording to the website poweroutage.us.

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“My City Has Disappeared”

“Almost everything has been destroyed” in the city, Patricia Perkins, a 61-year-old neighbor, told AFP by phone. “Most of the stores were leveled” by the twisterexplained this employee of a hardware store.

Aaron Rigsby, a “tornado searcher,” explained that he arrived at the scene on Friday night and heard “screams of people trapped in the rubble, calling for help. There was a lady who couldn’t get to cover in time and was trapped, the roof her house fell on her. I managed to free her from the rubble,” she added.

Several victims were located and extracted from the rubble to be taken to the hospital, Rolling Fork Mayor Eldridge Walker said on CNN.

“My city has disappeared. Houses that were torn down can be replaced, but a life cannot be replaced,” he added.

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One dead in Alabama

According to ABC television, at least 13 people died in Sharkey County, another three in Carroll County and two in Monroe.

A Silver City police officer told ABC the death of a person in this city, one of the most affected.

In Alabamathe storms were also violent and a man died when his trailer overturned, Morgan County authorities announced.

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“Our top priority right now, especially for local first responders, is keeping people alive and locating people to make sure they’re safe,” Malory White, a spokeswoman for MSEMA emergency services, told WJTV.

Tornadoes, a meteorological phenomenon as impressive as it is difficult to predict, are common in the United States, especially in the center and south of the country.

In December 2021 About 80 people died after the passage of tornadoes in the state of Kentucky.

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