Miss Universe will allow married women to participate in the pageant

Miss Universe will allow married women to participate in the pageant

Miss Universe Colombia recently made an important announcement for all women who want to participate in the beauty contest, through its official instagram account, Miss Universse Colombia org reported that it has made the decision to allow married women with children can participate in the event from the edition 72 of the contest.

In the brief statement, the organization also indicated that will accept that women with children Women with children also participate. However, they recalled that the age of the participants must be between 18 to 28 years old.

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“Miss Universe Colombia Org* is allowed to inform public opinion that in the last hours the Miss Universe organization notified the decision to authorize the participation in the international contest of women who are or have been married, and/or have children or are in a state of gestation, between the ages of 18 and 28, as of the 72nd edition.”, says the statement.

The organization led by Natalie Ackermann confirmed the information that caused many joy, however some still hope that trans women can participate in these contests.

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Recently, the coronation of the new queen of Colombians took place, Maria Fernanda Aristizabal, who will represent the country in the international beauty contest.

The ceremony was held in Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, was loaded with a lot of feeling for the traditions and culture of the Coffee Axisa region that characterized Aristizábal, thus demonstrating the immense pride he has for his department Quindio.

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