Misión Jóvenes del Barrio lanza plan de Recuperación de Espacios

Misión Jóvenes del Barrio launches Space Recovery plan

In order to guarantee healthy recreation, develop sports activities to eradicate leisure and achieve mass values ​​in the most vulnerable territories, the Fundación Jóvenes del Barrio Antonio Cermeño (FJDB) initiated the Plan for the Recovery of Spaces for Life and Recreation.

The plan began with the recovery of a 3 pa’3 mini court, located in the La Redomita-El Encantado de La Vega sector, in the Capital District, together with the social movements, youth teams of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPSUV), spokespersons for the communal councils and communes of the aforementioned parish.

In this sense, José Luis Lugo, president of this Foundation, stated that with this activity the plan for the Recovery of Spaces for Life was launched, as part of an integral process with the various Social Movements that exist in each parish and municipality. from the country.

In the same way, he mentioned that these activities are carried out “in order to bring together all the living forces that make life within the communities, because it is difficult to develop projects alone, for this reason we believe that working together is key to achieving the objectives ”.

Lugo explained that this Plan aims to give life and illuminate the different spaces “that are in leisure in our country; The Youth Movement of the Neighborhood will be in the most vulnerable spaces to guarantee that they become spaces for the life and recreation of youth.”

For her part, the state director of JDB in the Capital District, Yosneily Segovia, expressed that the purpose of the rehabilitation of the mini courts, “is to achieve healthy recreation, culture, sports and recreation for the most vulnerable young people in the territories, as part of the Activa Tu Barrio Program”.

During the day, different recreational activities were also developed, such as face painting for girls and boys, they anchored a wall to paint a JDB mural, they carried out a free barber service; in addition to preparing a communal sancocho, to end with the inauguration of the court and a communal caimanera.

The Antonio Cermeño Neighborhood Youth Foundation, is an entity attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Communes and Social Movements (Mcyms), through the “Activa Tu Barrio” program, which have rehabilitated 13 soccer fields throughout the national territory, which will benefit more than 15 thousand young people from the country’s neighborhoods, as part of the plan.

Source: Press-JDB


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