Mirex y Conape acuerdan reunificación familiar adultos mayores

Mirex and Conape agree on family reunification of older adults

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) and the National Council for the Aging Person (CONAPE) signed a collaboration agreement that will allow elderly Dominican women and men who are in a situation of vulnerability abroad to assist and return to the country.

The instrument, which creates the institutional guidelines and commitments to provide effective consular protection, establishes that the assistance and return procedures will be carried out through the Diplomatic and Consular Missions in favor of the population over 65 years of age, which due to the process of aging, experience progressive changes from the psychological, biological, social and material point of view.

“In this agreement there is a transversality between two of the axes of the foreign policy of this management, on the one hand the protection of Dominicans abroad and on the other the promotion of human rights. In addition, it takes place at a time when the country has just presented its candidacy to be a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council and therefore this legal instrument will favor and strengthen the solidity of this aspiration”, said the Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez after signing the document.

Executives from both entities pose for a photo after signing the agreement.

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On his side, the executive director of CONAPE, Dr. José García Ramírez, added that this agreement will allow the institution to connect with Dominicans living abroad, open a social niche for the establishment of day and permanent homes to welcome older adults. and their families, and will help expand the Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging that began in 2017 and ends in 2025.

In addition to managing and assisting the return of the elderly person in a situation of vulnerability, the second article of the collaboration agreement provides that MIREX include within its social responsibility policy, strategies to strengthen work for the benefit of the elderly, also train the CONAPE personnel on human rights issues and that personnel designated by this Council be trained in languages.

For its part, CONAPE undertook to provide advice to MIREX on the treatment of the elderly, train its staff and refer to this Ministry the elderly who need family reunification.

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