Mintransporte leaves meeting with motorcyclists to applause

Mintransporte leaves meeting with motorcyclists to applause

After a meeting between the Ministry of Transport and representatives of the motorcyclists’ union, the head of the portfolio William Reyes came out to applause after establishing a dialogue table to advance in the solution of their complaints.

(Government invites motorcyclists to dialogue table).

The meeting was held while, at the same time, several groups of bikers gathered in Bogotá to protest against the hikes in Soat and gasoline rates, among other problems.

After the meeting, the Minister of Transportation went to one of the motorcyclists’ concentration points, and although there were no formal agreements, the act was applauded by the motorcyclists as it opens the door to a broad dialogue for the mobility of the country.

“A unique experience, with a lot of respect and camaraderie, that’s how you dialogue and build change”: Minister Reyes said, after his meeting with the motorcyclists.


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The demonstration was called to demand solutions to problems such as the Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT), which would have its sale restricted and could cost 1,300,000 pesos.

They ask that the Soat have financing plans so that motorcyclists can pay for it, since many of them earn the minimum wage. In turn, they demand that the President fulfill his campaign promise to lower the cost of insurance for this type of vehicle. The second point has to do with the alleged police abuses by the Police and civil traffic agents at the national level.

The third topic to be discussed is that of digital applications that have become a large part of the livelihood of many motorcyclists in the country.


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