Mintrabajo signs decree with public policy of informal vendors

Mintrabajo signs decree with public policy of informal vendors

The Ministry of Labor announcement that was signed Decree 801 of May 16, through which the public policy of informal vendors is adopted, with which the Government hopes “guarantee the rights to human dignity, to the vital minimum, to work and to coexistence in public space”.

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The head of the labor portfolio, Angel Custodio Cabrera, stressed that this regulation is a legal instrument aimed at informal vendors, informal vendor organizations and territorial entities, governors and mayors.

The policy has three objectives: begin to reduce labor informality and conflict over the use of public space and help these people with social programs.

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This is a decree that regulates the public policy for informal vendors and informal vendor organizationsCabrera said.

The decree also seeks to establish a tool for developing solutions focused on addressing the precariousness of the sector, and expand capacities and opportunity, in order to reduce poverty and inequality.

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