MinTIC advances in connectivity and regulation dialogues

MinTIC advances in connectivity and regulation dialogues

About 500 attendees participated in the workshop ‘Closing the digital gap in Colombia: challenges and opportunities’, in Soacha, Cundinamarca. The event, organized by the ICT Ministry and the World Bank, had as main objective to hear the proposals of operators, providers, international experts and citizens on connectivity, regulation and digital skills.

Sandra Milena Urrutia Pérez, Minister of ICT, pointed out that this exercise left “important results” that will help to draw the roadmap for the sector.

We are very satisfied with this exercise, which leaves us with important results. All observations and proposals will be taken into account in the construction of the National Development Plan 2022-2026. Everyone’s voice is part of the change”, added Urrieta Pérez.
The meeting was also attended by the manager of the World Bank Office in Colombia, Peter Siegenthaler, who expressed his desire to work together with the Government to close the gap.

“To achieve the goals of inclusion, peace, social development and sustainability, it is essential to close the digital divide. This is a joint task of the National Government, local governments, the private sector and international organizations, which we have to work actively and jointly”, said Siegenthaler.

Lastly, the ICT Minister stressed that this exercise of citizen participation will continue to reach the different regions of the national territory in order to listen and thus build “an agenda on connectivity and digital transformation”.


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