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MINSAP: 2021 was the hardest year for public health in recent decades

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban regime recognized that the year 2021 was the hardest for public health in recent decades, marked by the consequences of COVID-19, which evidenced the limited availability of resources.

In the annual balance of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), developed this weekend, it was stated that during the past year the number of deaths throughout the country increased, with the age group of 60 years and older being the most affected; as well as increased the infant and maternal mortality rate.

According to the official media Cubadebateaccording to the declarations of the Minister of Public Health, José Ángel Portal Miranda, “the efficiency of the sector has been affected by organizational problems, which have led to effects on patient care and which have had repercussions on the satisfaction of the population”.

“We have had difficulties with the family medicine program, especially with the instability of resources, the quality of care, the resoluteness in the offices and the functioning of the basic work groups. There is a long response time to health emergencies, among other causes due to the insufficiency in the exploitation of health transport and the low coefficient of technical availability”, Portal Miranda pointed out.

The minister also referred to the difficulties in hospital care, which “is unable to cover the demand for elective services, mainly due to the measures adopted to control the pandemic, the lack of medical and organizational resources, and the non-compliance of some services with gaps in patient care security”.

The authorities also recognized the shortage of medicines, medical supplies, problems in the technological infrastructure, obsolescence and broken equipment.

For his part, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz thanked the health personnel for their work during the pandemic.

“We convey to you the maximum and infinite confidence of the country’s leadership in you. Us we will not fail you. We are convinced that you will give your best on behalf of that people, who have trusted you and us, and whom we are convinced will not disappoint”, said Marrero Cruz.

Nevertheless, last august, Marrero Cruz himself blamed the health personnel for the health crisis that the country was going through. According to the prime minister, the number of complaints from the population due to lack of medication was lower than complaints due to poor medical care, and he focused the responsibility on the indiscipline of the health workers.

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