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Minsal extends health alert for Covid-19 until March 2023: alludes to “uncertainty” due to infections in China

The Minister of Health, Ximena Aguilera, reported this Wednesday the extension of the health alert for Covid-19. In this way, the measure will be in force until March 2023.

“The measure is adopted in a preventive manner due to the uncertainty of the epidemiological scenario that China presents at this time,” the Ministry of Health (Minsal) said in a statement.

The director of the WHO, Tedros AdhanomHe said that the organization is “very concerned about the changing situation in China with the increase in reports of serious conditions,” they quoted from the Minsal.

Let’s remember that last week, China reported that 37 million people were infected by Covid-19 in a single day. The figure surpasses the record of 4 million, registered in January.

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