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Minsal announces test preparation to detect possible cases of monkeypox for this week

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The Ministry of Health (Minsal) announced this day that they are preparing for the possible arrival of the disease known as monkeypox, after learning of the first case in Argentina after their cases are on the rise in different parts of the world (Spain , Portugal, United States).

“Chile is prepared. We have been working intensely during this and the previous week to generate coordinated work with all healthcare networks, public and private, circulars with definitions of suspected cases, and work with the Institute of Public Health (ISP) to have diagnostic capabilities,” said the Minister of Health (s), Christopher Square.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that there is still no need to be vaccinated for this disease, despite the fact that its numbers are increasing, generating alert in the world.

Given this scenario, the health authority sent an official letter on Friday stating that they are going to reinforce epidemiological surveillance after the reports delivered by the WHO, in addition to the fact that the virus is already in high global traffic.

Likewise, Cuadrado reported that they are organizing so that during this week the test to diagnose people sick with this virus is ready. It will be a PCR type, just as it is currently done with the detection of Covid-19.

“In conjunction with the Pan American Health Organization, we will have available in the next few days, this week, the capacity to confirm cases in case suspicious cases appear, in which the national reference laboratory, ISP, is working hard and intensely,” he said.

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