Minsa will carry out HIV tests on migrants arriving through Darién

Johny Catillo, specialist in preventive medicine, public health and head in charge of the STI/HIV/AIDS section of the Ministry of Health (MINSA), reported on the measures that will be taken with migrants who arrive in the country through the Darién.

He explained that these people will be cared for by trained doctors and nurses from both the Ministry of Health and other institutions and NGOs that are in the area to perform HIV tests.

“This way we can make a diagnosis and link them to the clinics so that we can offer them the treatment, in addition, those people who already come with a diagnosis but who somehow no longer have it, can also offer them so that they can have their corresponding treatment” said the doctor
Lastly, it reported that in 2022, 151,317 rapid tests were carried out at Ministry of Health facilities throughout the country.

MINSA currently offers various services to HIV-positive patients, such as: medicines, mental health, and friendly clinics, among others.

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