Minsa falls to a clandestine clinic where a fake doctor caused facial paralysis to a patient

After receiving a complaint from a patient who suffered facial paralysis after receiving a botox application in an alleged Aesthetic Clinic and Spa located in a Ph in the township of Bella Vista, in the capital district, the Public Health team of the Metropolitan Region of Ministry of Health (MINSA), carried out an inspection operation.

“The duly identified inspectors and with the sanitary regulations in force in the country for their proper application, during the review found on the site syringes in use, discarded needles, vials with botox residues, products without national sanitary registration, unsuitable personnel, documents liability waivers signed by clients, in addition to the fact that the premises did not have sanitary permits, nor an operating license for this type of business, ”this was reported by Israel Cedeño, regional health director.

Cedeño added that the operations to verify sanitary standards are regular and meetings were also held with directors of the Association of Dermatology and the president of the Association of Plastic Surgery of Panama, unions which report the cases so that the pertinent investigations can be carried out. by the governing health authority in the country.

Likewise, it pointed out that in use of its faculties as a health authority in the face of an event that threatens public health, legal measures will be applied, such as the summons to the regional headquarters of the company’s representative for its respective sanction, the closure of the operation of the place, in addition to the formal complaint before the Public Ministry with all the resources and evidence collected, through the regional Legal Department so that the investigations can be carried out.

Meanwhile, Miguel Correa, regional head of Public Health, regarding the complaint, explained that it was a young woman who, when she was infiltrated, suffered facial paralysis due to the use of botox, when an invasive method was applied, which is only performed by health professionals with suitability (dermatologists, general practitioners with a master’s degree in aesthetics).

In this sense, the health doctor reiterates to the population the importance that people who decide to undergo invasive treatments or methods go with suitable personnel, who, although they have somewhat high costs, do not risk their lives

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