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Minsa carries out interregional operations against Dengue

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“The Mystery of Health, through the Department of Vector Control, we are carrying out interregional operations that seek to reduce infestation rates and in this way reduce the increase in dengue cases that are being registered in our country,” said Carmen Pérez, chief of the Vector Control Department of MINSA.

Pérez indicated that through interregional operations, the aim is to bring together collaborators from the regions close to the intervention, as was done last Saturday in Colón, where technicians from the Metropolitan Region, San Miguelito, Panama North and Panama West participated. thus the strength of the technicians, affecting the regions that are presenting an increase in dengue cases in that region.

He also indicated that up to week 25, 2,300 cases have been registered and that the regions that report the most active cases are: the Bocas del Toro region, Colón, the Metropolitan Region, Panama West and San Miguelito.

The doctor revealed that the next interregional intervention operation against Dengue will take place in the West Panama region, 28, 29 and 30 in Tecal de Arraiján, to continue with San Miguelito and then in the Metropolitan Region at the end of August and September.
“Chemical control is part of vector control, however, the main and fundamental control that the Community must do is to avoid the formation of breeding sites, eliminate them, destroy them in order to avoid the generation of mosquitoes, so that vector control can carry out its control. chemicals or heavy nebulizations”, emphasized Pérez.

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