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Ministry of the Interior of Cuba denies the increase in the price of passports

The Cuban Ministry of the Interior (Minint) denied this Wednesday that there is “immediately” an increase in the price of cuban passport nor that its acquisition is limited to certain people on the island.

“In recent weeks, citizens who go to the country’s processing offices to inquire about the possibility of an increase in the price of the current passport or the limitation of the acquisition of the travel document by a certain group of people have become recurring.” Explain a note from the entity reproduced by official media.

“Given this situation -adds the Ministry-, the Directorate of Identification, Immigration and Aliens (DIIE) of the Ministry of the Interior reiterates that the channels and formalities established by the Law in this regard are maintained and no immediate modification is foreseen in Its cost”.

In addition, the immigration authority suggested “dismissing any ‘unfounded rumor’ or information that is not published through official media and by the relevant instances.”

In recent days, rumors and publications have circulated on social networks and unofficial media stating that as of 2023 the price of the Cuban passport will increase to 5,000 pesos (CUP), instead of the 2,500 that it costs for residents on the island. .

It has also been ensured that the document would be valid for 10 years —and not six, as it is currently— and that it would not be necessary to extend it every two years, as is currently the case. These changes would supposedly come into effect after the approval of a new Citizenship Law by the Cuban parliament.

It is not the first time that the Cuban authorities deny alleged news and changes related to prices and access limits for the Cuban passport. In the context of the significant migratory wave that the country has suffered since last year, the Minint already has denied the document was to be charged in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC) and that were going to ban your application to those under 40 years of age.

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