Ministry of the Interior announces greater patrolling, more troops and adjustments to the plan

Ministry of the Interior announces greater patrolling, more troops and adjustments to the plan

the minister Louis Albert Heber met with authorities from his portfolio, the head of Montevideo PoliceMario D’Elía, and the director of the Republican Guard, César Tourn, in view of the increase in violent acts in the country’s capital.

The deputy executive director of the National Police, Alejandro Berriel, said that “small adjustments to the strategic plan” of the Ministry of Interior.

“We are working on the tactical application in the deployment of force based on each one of the elements, personal means, information that emerges from the ground and the facts that we have to investigate. We are going to take a new turn in patrolling by incorporating troops from other areas for the task of investigation and patrolling”, added D’Elía.

The police chief also said that there will be more personnel, and that in September 100 troops will graduate and will be linked to police stations and patrols to reinforce shifts. “We need to increase strength in terms of technology application. What we have today as a tool was being evaluated and soon we will be receiving some kind of improvement”. And he announced that “important elements have emerged” so there will be more work meetings in coordination with the Prosecutor’s Office “to formalize or convict people we are investigating.”

“The facts are under investigation and we have the death of two people who have nothing to do with it. At some point and according to scientific evidence they have a thread and it is the one we are investigating, ”he specifically detailed about the homicides in the Marconi neighborhood.

In addition, he stressed that from the government they evaluate the crimes as a whole and from there they analyze the schedules and the forces to be deployed. “As events occur in society, the Police analyze the situation. We have been analyzing many situations. Nobody sees that robbery goes down and that different crimes go down, ”she indicated.

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