Ministry of Security and Savings Bank sign agreement to join the National Operation Center

This Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Public Security (Minseg) and the Savings Bank signed a cooperation agreement for the integration of the video surveillance cameras of the banking institution in the management system of the National Operation Center (CON).

The agreement, which was signed by the Minister of Public Security, Juan Manuel Pino, and the general manager of the Caja de Ahorros, Juan E. Melillo, will allow, in the field of cooperation, the visualization of the 180 external video surveillance cameras, corresponding to the 65 branches of the banking institution nationwide, which will be incorporated into the NOC’s video surveillance system.

Upon signing this agreement, Minister Pino, like the manager Melillo, agreed that through this document an important step is taken in strengthening national security in a coordinated manner, providing protection to both the staff and the numerous clients of the Caja de Savings, in each of its branches throughout the country.

This cooperation agreement will have a duration of three years, from its endorsement by the Comptroller General of the Republic, and it may be extended at the request of any of the parties.

Pino commented that in addition to the Savings Bank, they have also done this with the National Bank of Panama. “Here we have also brought cameras from the Panama Metro, the National Highway Company (ENA),” he said.

He stressed that the CON has the capacity to house more than 10,000 cameras, “these agreements are going to improve bank surveillance,” said the Security Minister.

He indicated that on Tuesday afternoon a meeting was held between the director of the National Police and those who have to do with banking security in Panama, where guidelines were established and protocols were reviewed to improve.

For his part, the manager of the Savings Bank said that this agreement will guarantee both customers and employees a proactive attitude towards security with that healthy balance between physical security and the technological intelligence component. .

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