Ministry of Health begins distribution of Coomeva users to receiving EPSs

Ministry of Health enabled a new platform to streamline procedures

The Minister of Health, Fernando Ruíz, announced that now businessmen will be able to join the General System of Occupational Risks and the Family Subsidy System.

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This procedure, according to the official, can be done through the ‘My Social Security’ platform through the Single Business Window

Today is a satisfying day for the whole country. After a law, six decrees and eleven resolutions, we find that within the Single Business Window -VUE, we have been able to implement the Social Security Transactional Affiliation System, that is what we are celebrating today”, indicated the senior official.

Ruíz said that, for the first time, the unification of the four components of social security in a single transactional medium is achieved. He refers to the convergence of the health system with the of EPS, labor risks, compensation funds and pensions.

Within the scope of the Single Business Window and on the page of, all companies from now on will be able to integrate the affiliation information, and affiliate their employees to social security in these four components”, he pointed out.

The minister also clarified that now citizens will be able to integrate their affiliation through this platform, without having to do it in person. “It meant cumbersome procedures of going to look for how to join the EPS or the other entities in the different components,” he said.

In this sense, any Colombian will be able to see their affiliation history, have their current EPS and compensation fund updated. For their part, employers will be able to have a unified report on the news of their employees’ employment, in pension funds, ARLs, compensation funds and EPS.

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Lastly, Ruíz assured that these services are added to those that are already operating, such as those of commercial and tax registry.


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