Ministry of Government discards the idea of ​​an observatory for the fight against drug trafficking proposed by the Government

The Ministry of Government resorted to a official statement to respond to the proposal to create an observatory for the fight against drug trafficking raised by the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho. In a much longer text than the usual communiqués, the State portfolio close the doors to the initiative proposal and highlights the current legal framework in the country.

The decentralized entity Bolivian Observatory of Citizen Security and Fight Against Drugs (Obscd), has the function to collect, generate, process, analyze, interpret and disseminate information on citizen securitytransnational crime and crimes in all their manifestations,” reads the message broadcast by the official channels of the ministry.

The observatory has the power to fulfill its functions “in the national territory.” In addition, the scope of their reports allows “decision making, implementation and evaluation of policies adopted in terms of state security. The results of the investigations promoted by the observatory are disclosed weekly, the document states.

The Santa Cruz Government presented a bill that allows the creation of an observatory for the fight against drug trafficking as a measure to know “the production, consumption and commercialization of controlled substances”. The initiative became known after the massive citizen march against drug trafficking that took place in the Santa Cruz capital last Tuesday.

The Ministry of Government observes the validity of a legal framework that determines the powers at the various levels of government: national, departmental and municipal. The attempt to create an observatory fight against drug trafficking at the departmental level “cannot be taken lightly”, because it would interfere with “a national one”.

In one of the paragraphs distorts the questions raised by Camacho about the lack of fluid information offered by the Ministry’s dependent observatory. “The departmental entity did not request, verbally or in writing, any information on the fight against drug trafficking in his department,” the statement read.

Finally, he appeals to a recurring maxim used by the ruling party to attack the Santa Cruz governor. “Work for the population of the department,” is written in the official document of the Ministry and asks that “it be handled with the seriousness that corresponds to a position” such as the one it occupies.

Ministry of Government discards the idea of ​​an observatory for the fight against drug trafficking proposed by the Government

Friday, the departmental secretary of Citizen Security, Alejandro Soljancic, considered that “there is an observatory citizen security at the national level, but it is very bureaucratic and it is very difficult to get the information, so, what better that subnational governments have one and can benefit from this law”. He said it in the microphones of EL DEBER Radio.

He explained that the observatory proposed by the Government will request and collect information from both public and private institutions. Other functions include the follow judicial and investigative processes, carry out surveys, collect data, process this information and present the results.

Furthermore, he referred to the problematic derived from the commercialization of drugs that “is very rooted in all the bases and foundations of the department” and is manifested in “the number of drug addicts and the micro-trafficking that is very strong in the provinces,” he added.

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