Ministry of Finance highlights green hydrogen at IDB

Ministry of Finance highlights green hydrogen at IDB

He Minister of Finance and Public Credit, José Antonio Ocampoannounced at the annual meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)which was developed in Panama, that “Colombia has a great opportunity in the production and export of green hydrogen and governments like the German would be interested in being the main buyers of this type of hydrogen”.

During the event, which brought together the finance ministers of 48 countries, Ocampo participated in the panel: “Response to climate change: challenges and opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean”. Space that he took advantage of to highlight the actions that Colombia has been carrying out in terms of environmental and fiscal policies.

(There are 296 solar megawatts installed in 27 projects).

In this sense, he added that these measures that the country has been carrying out have achieved that “European Union countries are interested in supporting Colombia in strengthening the Green Bond Reference Framework not only for internal issues, but also for external issues; as well as other financing instruments for actions against climate change”.

(During 2022, TGI revenues increased 4% and profits 12.9%).

The official also stressed the need to capitalize the IDB to continue supporting the region, proposal to which seven other countries of the region joined in their interventions.

This is an issue that must be worked on in particular with the United States and with European countries so that they commit themselves to this task.“, accurate.

(Latin America, close to being a giant in renewable energy).

As part of this trip, Ocampo met with Ajay Banga, United States candidate for the presidency of the World Bank.

(10% of new cars use cleaner energy).

With Banga they talked about “priorities such as the capitalization of the World Bank, attention to countries with medium income and the financing needs and actions against climate change”.


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